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We are committed to keeping our site as safe as it possibly can be and our staff are on hand to help guide you and answer any questions you may have. To ensure the safety of all our guests and staff we have introduced the following new safety measures:

  • PICNIC is regularly treated with an anti-microbial shield which gives long lasting protection against viruses, bacteria and germs.

  • Our capacity has been reduced to 45 guests at any one time.

  • Face masks must be worn by all adults and children over 11 years of age in all areas except when seated in the café.

  • Everyone will have their temperature taken when they arrive.  Anyone with a temperature above 37.8 degrees will be unable to participate but will be able to rearrange their booking to a later date.

  • All adults and children must use the hand sanitiser on arrival and when entering and exiting the play area. Automatic hand sanitiser stations have been installed.

  • All adults and children must wear clean socks in the play area. These are available to purchase on site if forgotten.

  • Some toys have been removed temporarily where we think they pose an additional risk. This includes any toys that are likely to be placed around the face or mouth

  • We have a complete duplicate set of all removable toys to enable us to regularly rotate for thorough cleaning and sanitising.

  • We ask parents to remove from play any toys children have put in their mouth and place in the box provided for sanitising.

  • We have increased the cleaning time between sessions and work through a detailed checklist to ensure every high touch area is covered. Professional cleaners also complete a thorough overnight clean.

  • Screens have been installed at the two main counter areas.

  • All shared condiments have been removed and replaced with disposable sachets that are kept behind the counter.

  • We encourage contactless payments where possible.

  • A new hand wash basin has been installed in the baby change area.

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