The pricing below is for standard admission to PICNIC, for a pre-booked, timed session of 1hr 45 mins.

  • Babies (under 6 months) – FREE

  • Pre-walkers (6-18 months) - £4

  • Children (18 months – 7 years) - £8

  • Adults - £2

Please ensure you book a space for all guests in your party. We regularly operate at full capacity and therefore cannot allow additional guests on site that have not pre-booked.


Why has our pricing changed?

From Wednesday 2nd December 2020 we are introducing a new simplified pricing structure. We have removed the £3 additional adult charge and instead introduced a flat £2 charge for all adults. All other pricing has remained the same.

This change has been necessary for us to continue to operate safely, at a reduced capacity and enable us to adhere to the current Covid-19 restrictions. We are committed to maintaining a lower capacity of just 40 guests (adults and children) on site until at least Spring 2021. This is significantly lower than our approved COVID capacity of 75, however we know how much our guests have enjoyed the more intimate play sessions and praised our enhanced safety and hygiene measures.

Introducing our new loyalty scheme - visit us 5 times and your 6th visit is free!