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Picnic Cafe 

Budding chefs, baristas and bakers can rustle up some tasty treats for their customers at the PICNIC cafe. Don't forget your chefs hat, apron and oven gloves as you serve up a delightful selection of wooden cakes and biscuits!

Health Centre 

Feeling a little under the weather? Head to the NHS Health Centre where you can guarantee the best possible care. While you're here check your height, weight and eyesight, and learn more about inside your body.

Beauty Salon

When you're in need of some me time, Belle & Beau the beauty salon is the place to go. Hair? Check. Nails? Check. You're looking fabulous darling and all ready for your big night out!

Village shop 2.jpg

Village Shop

Stock up on all the essentials in the Village Shop. Grab your shopping list and wheel your trolley around the store. Check the weight of your fruit and veg at the checkout and use the real working till to add up everything in your basket (coming soon).


Don't forget your ticket and take your seat at our opulent theatre. Our budding actors and musicians will treat you to a spectacular show with amazing costumes, magic, and dancing. And most likely a rendition of 'Let it Go' - sorry!

Fire Station

Oh no, a fire has just broken out in the village square! Quick, sound the alarm, put on your hat and uniform and carefully make your way to the emergency. Once you've cleared the area it's time to tackle the blaze. You did it! Good work!

Police 2.jpg
Picnic area 3.jpg

Police Station

From the village police station, our police men and women are working hard to maintain the peace. You better be on good behaviour or you may just find yourself locked up in jail. But shush don't tell anyone - there's a secret escape route!

Construction Site 

Warning - Children at Play! The work never ends on our construction site, kitted out with diggers, workbench and a skip full of foam bricks. We've had new structures that reach all the way to the ceiling - before being demolished again!

Picnic Spot

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than lazing on the grass in our beauty spot, firing up the BBQ, toasting marshmallows on the fire and listening to the birds tweeting. Yes, we're indoors but that just means we can enjoy a picnic all year round!

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